My goal is to make the voices of underrepresented communities heard in spaces where others will try to silence them.

A Government Made For The People By The People  

You deserve a leader who will bring the community’s voice to the capital and be a true representative of the district.


Chiquita’s campaign has laid its foundation on the community’s needs, an essential component of excellent leadership. She believes in a legislative process that collaborates with the community to create practical solutions, prioritizing the citizens’ lived experiences.


Through diligence and transparency, Chiquita will help foster an inclusive community with a thriving economy and opportunities.

Maryland District-22 is filled with hard-working families with minimal opportunities in a rapidly growing economy. It is time for a leader who can bring the voice of the community to the Capitol. 

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Support me on this journey, and help us change the game of politics! 



Bring the Community to the Capitol 







This is a people-powered grassroots campaign and I'm relying on contributions from everyday people like you to make sure we can amplify the people's voice in the halls of the State Capitol. I can't thank you enough for your support and contribution to our campaign.

The Right Advocate for District 22

Equitable Education

Effective & Just Healthcare

Inclusive Sustainable Environment 

Immigration Justice

Building Our Economy 

Gun Violence Prevention